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Susan Nevard

Susan Nevard Hypnotherapist - Thriving Minds Therapy

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Great Professionalism and Support Throughout

Suzie has shown great professionalism and support throughout the course of my treatment with her.

I went to Suzie for further support with my weight loss and Suzie’s treatment plan was extremely beneficial to my journey.

She has shown great attentiveness to our conversations throughout the process and I never once felt uncomfortable about sharing personal information with her or felt unable to share my emotions along the way. Her dedication to identifying the reasons behind my eating habits was fantastic and I am now leaving the sessions with a greater awareness of why I over eat and my triggers for over eating.

Her ability to deliver thought provoking screeds has allowed me to reflect on my eating habits on a weekly basis and to alter them completely. I now find myself making healthier food choices naturally and with ease, and I am much more mindful of dangerous habits like snacking and large food portions at meal time.

Despite my busy schedule throughout this treatment, Suzie was able to accommodate completely for my own needs and after weighing myself at the end of the treatment, I am pleased and grateful to say that I have lost an incredible lOlbs. Thank you for your dedication and compassion, Suzie. It has been greatly appreciated.

Hypnotherapy Reflections

Although I have used relaxation in my Occupational Therapy career, I had not come across the discipline of hypnotherapy until recently.  Uncertain what to expect, I have been amazed at the results it has had in helping me to focus on certain aspects of my life and channel my energy in a productive and positive way.

Suzie has been brilliant in how she has listened to my issues and updates, then tailored her sessions to really work on the areas that I have discussed with her.  Each session has built upon the last and has challenged me to focus on the behaviours needed to aid a positive outcome for the long term.  I have found great value in the simple, but effective self-directed work that she has set between our sessions, helping me to recognise the thought patterns and changes that can be made.

In our final session today, I felt a clarity of thought and positivity about my self worth and direction that I haven’t had before.  It was like the clouds had cleared and I was able to see my path forward in a whole new light.

I am very impressed with the sessions we have had so far and I look forward to continuing to work with Suzie whenever needed to help keep my mind focussed with positive thinking and confidence in my decision making.

Thank you!